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We've answered questions about our products, shared the differences between pieces, and given advice on getting the most out of your garden sets.

  • Do I need a left-hand or right-hand corner sofa set?

    Imagine sitting in the corner where both sides meet looking out at the view; if the left-hand side needs to be longer, then we would suggest purchasing the left-hand version and if the right-hand side needs to be longer we would suggest purchasing the right-hand version. 

    To understand how we determine which is a left-hand or right-hand version imagine sitting on the set, if the longer arm is to your left, it is the left-handed orientation, if the longer arm is to the right, it is the right-handed version.

  • What sets require assembly?

    Most of our garden sets come fully assembled, however, some of our garden furniture sets do require some assembly. For example, all our dining chairs come fully assembled, but our dining tables may require some assembly. Details of this can be found on the individual product pages.

  • How to clip our modular sofas together?

    The problem many people have with modular furniture is that because it can be moved around it is often not secured in one place, which is where our handy clips come in.

    These clips go on the underneath of your furniture to hold the pieces together and stop them from moving about. They are very easy to attach and just push onto the underside of the furniture where you want the pieces to join. They are also very easy to slide back off should you want to rearrange the furniture once more. 


    Step 1: Turn the furniture pieces you wish to clip together onto their side, so that you can see the underside and framework of the furniture.

    Step 2: Ensure the pieces are aligned and touching together. Hold against each other with one hand if needs be.

    Step 3: Take the clip and, making sure it wraps around both pieces, push gently until the flat surface of the clip is pressed against the furniture.

    Making sure the flat surface of the clip is pressed right against the furniture is important so that your furniture doesn’t become uneven and wobble.

  • What are the current stock levels for your products?

    We've made our product stock levels clear on our website, and all our products will have one of three statuses:

    In stock with our estimated delivery time, pre-order with our estimated delivery date, and out of stock.

    Missed this on the product page? Don't worry, as we also include these delivery timescales again in your basket.

  • Is there a warranty on your products?

    Yes, there is. We have a lot of belief in our products, enough to give them lengthy warranties.  You can find out more information on our warranties via our page here.


  • What's the difference between your pergolas?

    There are many differences between our pergolas. These include the leg dimensions, materials used, and features included in the pergolas.

    Our Titan pergolas are completely aluminium.
    Our Proteus pergolas are aluminium legs and steel louvres.
    Our Shadow pergolas are completely steel.

    Full product descriptions including dimensions, materials and specifications can be found on the individual products.

  • Do I need planning permission for a pergola?

    If your pergola is going in your garden, you will not need planning permission. This is because pergolas are classed as semi-permanent structures, which are secured to an existing surface. 
    If you live in a conservation area, a listed building, or at the front of your house, you may need to seek planning permission. If you're unsure, you should always contact your Local Planning Office. 

  • Do pergolas have drainage?

    There is a smart built-in drainage system which prevents you from having to open the louvred roof to let water drain. Any rainwater that lands on the louvres flows into U-shaped channels. From here, the water flows from the roof and into channels in the pergola framework. Once in the horizontal framework, the rainwater will then flow into the inside of the pergola legs and vertically down to the ground. This genius system means that you'll never see the water draining off of the pergola. If you were to open the louvres when wet, the U-shaped channels prevent rainwater from dripping under the sheltered area, and getting your garden furniture wet.

  • Do your pergolas require any maintenance?

    Our pergolas are designed with the busy family in mind. Made using durable, weather ready materials, your pergola will stand as a stylish addition to your garden, with very little maintenance required.
    Just like the gutters of your house, all you'll need to do is make sure the channels are free of debris to allow any rainwater to freely pass through the drainage system. 

  • How long does it take to build a pergola?

    Our pergolas will require assembly and we recommend 2-3 people are required to safely lift and assemble the pergola. The build time is approx 2 hours and should be positioned on a solid and hard surface, like concrete bases.

    If you need assistance with building your pergola, we've created a helpful how-to guide which you can watch here.

  • Will my pergola leak?

    Our weather ready pergolas offer you a sheltered option for you and your garden furniture to stay dry in rainy conditions. However, in heavy downpours, there's always a chance your pergola may leak. This is because your roof louvres are designed to collect a certain amount of rain water, and when it exceeds this amount, the pergola U-shaped channels may overflow. 


  • Are your parasols waterproof?

    A parasol’s primary purpose is to provide shelter from the sun. We are often asked if our parasols are waterproof, to which we advise the parasol will definitely provide shelter from light showers, but a torrential downpour would soak through the polyester canopy. Due to the slope of the parasol, water naturally runs off of the canopy as opposed to through it, but we would not class them as waterproof.

    If you’d like to improve the water repellency of the parasol canopy, we recommend applying a fabric guard such as “303 Products Fabric Guard High Tech Water Repellent Protectant” to the parasol canopy. This will improve water beading when the parasol is used in rainy weather conditions.

    If you do use your parasol in the rain, please ensure you allow the frame and canopy to dry out before storing. If the parasol is wet or damp when stored, this can lead to the canopy deteriorating and the moving parts within the frame seizing.

  • Are your parasols adjustable?

    What good is a parasol if you can't make it fit to your needs? That's why all our parasols can be adjusted in one way or another. Our wooden parasols can be adjusted to four different heights by using the pulley rope. 

    Our aluminum parasols have a crank mechanism which can be opened and closed via a crank handle. There is a tilting mechanism on the parasol to allow the parasol to adjusted to different positions, depending on the sunshade. The height of the parasol cannot be adjusted.

    Our cantilever parasols offer the most versatility in terms of changing your parasol to your desired height and position without moving the entire cantilever parasol. Our Genesis, Apollo and Galaxy cantilever parasols can tilt up and down by sliding the handle along the Aluminium pole. The parasols also have a rotating foot pedal to allow the parasol to be tilted 360° around your garden. 

  • What should I use to fill my parasol base?

    No one wants a parasol that topples over in the wind, which is why we recommend our sand and water parasol bases are filled with Kiln Dried Sand because it's free flowing and easier to fill the bases. To fill the slabs correctly we recommend filling each slab with kiln dried sand and then saturating with water.

    You cannot use only water in these bases as they are not watertight. Please use a mixture of the two.
    We suggest you purchase 3 x 25kg bags of kiln dried sand to fill the 100kg bases we offer on our website. 
    Please note: The required amount of sand to fill a base can be found on the individual product descriptions. 

  • What size parasol would you recommend with my dining set?

    Everyone's set up is different, but as outdoor living specialists, we know a thing or two about garden furniture setups. So here are our recommendations for the ultimate parasol coverage.

    4 seat sets

    4 seat round tables 1.05m & 1.2m - we would suggest a 2.4m round parasol

    6 seat sets

    6 seat round tables 1.3m & 1.4m - we would suggest a 2.7m round parasol

    6 seat rectangular tables 1.5m x 1m - we would suggest a 3m x 2m rectangular parasol

    6 seat oval tables 1.8m x 1.2m - we would suggest either a 2.7m round - Click Here or a 3m x 2m rectangular parasol


    8 seat sets 

    8 seat round tables 1.5m & 1.8m - we would suggest a 3m round parasol

    8 seat rectangular tables 2m x 1m - we would suggest a 3m x 2m rectangular parasol 

    8 seat oval tables 2.3m x 1.2m - we would suggest a 3m x 2m rectangular parasol


    Cube sets 

    4 seat cube sets - we would suggest a 2.7m round parasol

    6 seat cube set - we would suggest a 3m x 2m rectangular parasol


    Covers for parasols

    2.4m parasol - we would suggest the small cover

    2.7m parasol - we would suggest the medium cover

    3m & 3m x 2m - we would suggest the large cover


Product differences 

  • Difference between Titan and Proteus Pergolas

    The fundamental difference between these pergolas is that the louvres on the Proteus range is made from galvanised steel, and the rest of that pergola is aluminium, whereas the Titan range is made entirely from aluminium. Some of the other differences are as follows:

    Height: 250cm 
    Material Frame: High Quality Aluminium 
    Material Louvres: High Quality Aluminium
    Alu. leg pole: 111x111x1.3 mm
    Alu. Horizontal pole: 140x75x1.3mm 
    Alu. louvres: 173x30x1.3mm 
    5 Year Guarantee 

    Aluminium & steel
    Height: 240cm
    Material Frame: Aluminium
    Material Louvres: Galvanized Steel
    Alu leg pole: 88x88x1.2mm
    Alu. Horizontal pole: 140x50x1.4mm
    Galvanized steel louvres: 172.5x30x0.8mm
    2 Year Guarantee

    Please note that any sides/privacy screens for the pergolas are intended and made for the Titan pergolas only. These will not fit any other style or manufacturer of pergola. 

  • What's the difference between rattan weaves?

    Flat weave rattan is a combination of 2 tone colours, namely mixed brown and mixed grey and is often cheaper than other rattan styles. It's also the most lightweight, making it easy to move around. 

    Half-round weave is the more expensive style of rattan weave and also the heaviest, making it incredibly durable. Half-round rattan comes in 2 different colours, Willow (natural) and White Wash. 

    M Weave is our newest rattan style, this weave is a mixture of flat and half-round but in appearance, it is more raised creating an "M" appearance. 

    Another thing to note on our weaves is the warranty period. The flat and M weave collections come with a 5-year warranty and the half-round/full rod weave comes with a 7-year warranty.

    All of our weaves are made from PE (Polyethylene) synthetic rattan, PE rattan is the highest quality, longest-lasting, and requires the least maintenance. We do not sell PVC or PU rattan as this is of inferior quality. 

    Why not check out our blog which dives deeper into the world of rattan weave.

  • Difference between Cambridge & Ciara Corner Sets

    The main difference between the Cambridge and the Ciara is the weave type. The Cambridge is a part of our flat weave/Classic range which is a 7mm flat weave. The Ciara is a part of our Heritage range which is a 7mm half-round weave with full rod detailing.

    Because Cambridge is part of our flat weave range it comes with a 5-year warranty and as the Ciara is part of our Heritage range it comes with a 7-year warranty. 

  • Difference between extending and deluxe extending Cambridge & Ciara

    The Ciara and Cambridge Extending Corner Sofa Sets offers great versatility depending on how many people you have coming round. The Deluxe Extending set includes an EXTRA 2 Seat Sofa with the back and base cushions included.

    The standard extending dining set allows you to seat up to 7 people. The deluxe extending set allows you to seat up to 9 people. 

    Both the Extending and Deluxe Extending sets include two tables where the smaller table can slide under the bigger table for further space saving. 

    The extra two seat sofa which is included with the Deluxe version also slides under the main corner unit (three seat corner or two seat corner sofa).

    The two middle pieces also slides under the three-seat corner or two seat corner sofa.

    The Deluxe set includes two extra furniture clips to attach the two-seat sofa with the other sofa components, if desired. The extending set consists of 6 furniture clips, the deluxe extending set consists of 8 furniture clips. 


  • Differences between the Heritage and Flat weave Chelsea

    The main difference between the Heritage Chelsea and the flat weave/Classic Chelsea collection is the weave type. The Chelsea is a part of our flat weave range which is a 7mm flat weave. The Heritage Chelsea is a part of our Heritage range which is made from a 7mm half-moon weave. Because Chelsea is part of our flat weave range it comes with a 5 year warranty and the Heritage Chelsea comes with a 7 year warranty.

    Another difference is the cushions, the Heritage Chelsea comes with a thicker foam in the seat cushion for extra padding. 

  • Difference between Dominica and Deluxe

    Dominica Collection
    The Dominica wood parasols are available in 2m round, 2.5m round, 3m round and 3m x 2m rectangular. They are made from Indonesian Hardwood with 180gsm polyester canopies and are operated by a single pulley and pin system. The parasols have a UV rating of 50+ and a colour fastness level of 5/6 and are finished with a PA coating.

    Additionally, the canopy is fully removeable and can be machine washed - never use a tumble dryer to dry the canopy, simply hang back on the frame on a sunny day to dry.

    The pole is 38mm and should fit through most standard parasol holes as well as fitting in most standard bases. All of these parasols require a base to support the parasol. These are not included and need to be purchased separately.

    Dominica Deluxe Collection
    The Dominica Deluxe wood parasols are available in 3m round and 3m x 2m rectangular. They are made from FSC Eucalyptus Wood with 230gsm polyester canopies and are operated by a double pulley and pin system. The parasols have a UV rating of 50+ and a colour fastness level of 5/6 and are finished with a PA coating.

    Additionally, the canopy is fully removeable and can be machine washed - never use a tumble dryer to dry the canopy, simply hang back on the frame on a sunny day to dry. However, for this deluxe version it is much trickier to remove the canopy as you have to unscrew all of the ribs.

    These deluxe parasols have leather pockets with heavy duty stitching and a metal brace to prevent the parasol rib from splitting the pocket.

    The pole is 48mm and should fit through most standard parasol holes as well as fitting in most standard bases. All of these parasols require a base to support the parasol. These are not included and need to be purchased separately.

Product advice

  • How should I store my cushions?

    The British weather can be so unpredictable, and so in hotter weather you can leave the cushions in a storage box or bag, however, we would suggest that when the set is not in use, you store the cushions indoors. Do not leave the cushions on the set in cold or damp weather as this will damage or destroy the cushions. 

    In the winter the cushions will need to be brought indoors and not left under a cover or in the storage box. If the cushions are left under a cover the cover would leak through as the cushions would raise the seem. If the cushions are left in a storage box, condensation will start inside the storage box and the cushions would start to damage. 

    If a white powder starts to show on the cushion covers this is the FR treatment that has to be placed on the cushions. We suggest that you remove the cushion covers and place them on a cool wash. If the cushions are wet you will need to leave them in a warm place to dry. Please do not tumble dry the cushion cases as they will shrink.

    Please check out our blog here on storing your garden furniture and cushions for additional information.

  • How should I clean my garden furniture?

    You spend a portion of your week cleaning the interior of your house, so why not spend some time outside this week and get your garden furniture looking squeaky clean. 

    Rattan Furniture 

    Step One: Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dish detergent, stirring until bubbles form on the surface of the water.

    Step Two: Dip a soft cloth carefully into the bubbles only, not the water, and then wipe the rattan with the bubbles. This will clean the rattan without over-saturating it.

    Step Three: Use a soft bristle brush (a toothbrush works well) to clean the crevices

    Aluminium furniture 

    Step One: Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dish detergent

    Step Two: Dip a soft cloth in the water, and then wipe the frame. This will clean the aluminium without over-saturating it.

    Do not use a bristle brush as this will scratch the aluminium. 

    Fabric Furniture

    150ml of bleach

    40ml of mild soap

    2 litres of water


    Step One: Apply the solution to the fabric and clean with a soft-bristle brush.

    Step Two: Allow the mixture to soak into the fabric for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.

    Step Three: Simply allow to dry and you will never know the mess was there.


    The Sunbrella website has many cleaning solutions for all different situations which you can find here.

  • How to set up a firepit

    We have a few recommendations that could get your firepit working, please ensure you’ve familiarised yourself with the below information:

    Connecting the gas bottle regulator

    Our gas firepit systems come with a gas hose and regulator already connected. The regulator we include connects to “Patio Gas” bottles, these are usually green and have a 27mm clip on connection. You cannot connect our regulators to propane or butane bottles. The open/close valve on the regulator will need to be in the closed position; on our regulators this is at the 3 o’clock position. Push the regulator on top of the gas bottle connector and you should hear it click. When you wish to use the firepit, turn the open/close valve on the regulator to the 12 o’clock position. We recommend keeping the valve closed when not in use.

    Powering the igniter

    The control panel has an igniter button built into it, which connects to the ignition within the firepit. This igniter button needs 1x AAA battery inserted in it for it to work. The black rubber button on the control panel unscrews (turn anti-clockwise) and comes off; be careful not to lose the spring out of the button. Insert the negative end (-) of the battery into the hole on the control panel and then screw the black button back on (turn clockwise). Make sure you use a brand new AAA battery that definitely works. To check if the igniter works, press and hold the igniter button in and you should hear a continuous ticking noise. If you do not hear anything, please ensure you have the battery in the right way round (positive end pointing out), the battery works (try another battery) and the metal spring is in the black button part.

    Connecting the igniter button to the ignition

    There is a black cable that is connected to the bottom of the firepit system. This must be connected to the back of the igniter button box on the control panel. If this is not connected, you will still hear a ticking noise when you press and hold the igniter button, but it will not engage the ignition under the pilot cover within the firepit system. Connect the black cable hanging down from the firepit system to the exposed metal pin on the back of the igniter button on the control panel.

    Uncoiling the gas supply pipe

    Under the firepit system, there is a bronze-coloured copper pipe that connects to the back of the control panel. For packing purposes, this copper pipe is often coiled up. If you find that your firepit initially lights, but goes out when you let go of the control knob, this may be solved by straightening out the copper pipe.

    Don’t cover the pilot cover

    The crushed glass that sits inside the firepit tray creates a glistening effect when the firepit is in use. The crushed glass is designed to cover the tube that sits within the firepit tray, but the pilot cover should remain clear of any obstructions. The pilot cover is the small metal cube with round holes punched out of it, this contains the spark plug which lights the gas coming out of the tube within the firepit tray.

  • How do I clean my water feature?

    Our water features do not require much maintenance to stay clean as the water cycles through the same system. Aim to replace the water every 7 days. Attention should be paid at this time to ensure any algae or calcium build-up is wiped away. Chemicals and abrasive materials should not be used to clean the feature.

    The water feature pumps can be cleaned by removing the pump cap and rinsing under running water. Use a small pipe cleaner or toothbrush to ensure all vents are clear of any debris. Make sure that the pump is always switched off before removing it from the reservoir.

  • Can I leave my water feature switched on?

    Yes! Your water feature can be left on 24 hours a day. Always make sure that the water level covers the pump in order for the fountain to flow correctly and to protect the pump from air locks. We recommend that the water is topped up every 3-7 days, or more frequently if you leave the water feature switched on for 24 hours a day in warmer weather.

  • Do I need to store my water feature indoors during the winter?

    It’s important to note that all materials used for the water feature range are suitable for outdoor use, however, care must be taken in order to prolong the fountain’s durability.

    Whilst you can leave the water feature outside during the winter months, if you plan to do this you will need to remove the pump from the water feature and store this inside. You will also need to make sure the water feature is completely emptied of all water. These steps are important to prevent any water from freezing and expanding with the body of the water feature.

    Raise the water feature off the ground where possible and cover the water feature to protect it from harsh winter weather. Water Features should not be left to sit in pools of water. Our water features are frost-resistant but not intended to be freeze-proof and so it is important to protect the feature in sub-zero temperatures.

  • What size lazy susan would you recommend with my set?

    Looking to add some fun to your dining set ups? A lazy susan is great for this. So, let's help you get the right one for your dining table. Below are a few handy tips to consider:

    1). Plate size - An average dinner plate measures 300mm in diameter, and the recommended spacing for a place setting is approximately 380mm. These measurements will affect how much space you have left in the middle of the table.

    2). Meal types that you serve - You need to consider if you require room in the middle of your table for large platters or casserole dishes, wine glasses or salad bowls. Do you have a buffet or separate serving table? Knowing these things can help you avoid picking a Lazy Susan that is too big or too small.

    3). How much reach do you need - When seated, the arms reach of an average adult is approx. 500mm. Ideally, you don't want to have someone reach further than 450mm or the purpose of any Lazy Susan may be defeated!

    4). Choose what's best for you - The most important factor in choosing a Lazy Susan is what works best for you! Regardless of our handy tips, let you own preferences be the deciding factor!

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