The Christmas Must-Haves to Set Your Display Apart

The Christmas Must-Haves to Set Your Display Apart

Are you in a long-running competition with the neighbours or do you just really want to up your Christmas display this year? We’ve revealed the Christmas must-haves in order to set your display apart from everybody else’s.

Cluster Lights

Your Outdoor Display

Your outdoor Christmas display is very important if you want to impress, this is because it is what everyone will see. From neighbours, to dog walkers, to those just passing through, you need a great display to make people really notice your decorations over another house on the street. Here are the top items to improve your outdoor display:

A 10ft Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’ve not got a tree in your front garden and you don’t want to plant one and wait several years for it to become big enough to be an impressive part of your display, then an artificial tree is the way to go. A 10ft artificial tree will be an impressive sight and our 10ft artificial trees are suitable for outdoor use, though you should note that some oxidisation is normal when used outdoors.

Cluster Lights

You need something to decorate your huge tree with and cluster lights are the perfect way to stand out. Available in many different colours you can choose your favourite and with 4 x as many lights per metre as standard string lights, cluster lights offer a much fuller look and definitely make an impression.

These lights can also be used on other areas of your outdoor space like window frames, guttering and porches so you can really brighten up your house. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill because they use energy efficient LEDs and have an “8 hours on 18 hours off” timer function.

Christmas Figures

An Acrylic Family

One acrylic figure isn’t going to impress anyone, but a whole family of acrylic figures from polar bears, to Santa figures, to penguins and reindeer definitely will. The acrylic figures light up with cool white lights and will definitely brighten up your front garden. Many of our acrylic figures have a lead length of over 5m which means you’ve got plenty of stretch to put them in your desired location and still reach an indoor plug socket.

Reindeer Figure

A Giant Reindeer

If acrylic figures aren’t your thing or you don’t want several figures spread across the lawn, then just one figure can have the same effect – a giant reindeer! Our 6ft rattan reindeer figures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and look great in the front garden. With their warm white lights, they are a real magical sight, especially for children who will be looking up at them.

Christmas Projectors

A Christmas projector is a brilliant way to get your display noticed. Projecting a large Christmas image onto the side of your house will allow people up and down the street to see your festive display. With so many festive shapes and patterns to choose from there is an LED projector for everyone.

Your Indoor Display

Your indoor display is more for you than anyone else, though you are sure to have plenty of visitors throughout the festive season so if you want to wow your guests with your indoor display, here is what you will need:

Tree Ring

A Christmas Train Set

Perfect for running around the bottom of your tree, a Christmas train set is a little extra that many people don’t think of. Christmas train sets are great, especially if you have children as they will love the noises and the movement.

A Wicker Tree Ring

Although it doesn’t sound much, a wicker tree ring is the perfect way to set your Christmas display apart from others as many people forget that with an artificial Christmas tree you have a stand that, no matter how realistic the branches look, spoil the illusion that it could be a real tree. With a wicker tree ring you can cover the unsightly stand and therefore make your artificial tree look more realistic.

A Christmas Nutcracker

One of our 3ft LED Christmas Nutcrackers will make the perfect addition to your indoor display. If you have a fireplace then a pair of these great figures, one stood on either side, will look extremely festive and unique.

Christmas Statues

From snowmen to Santa, we have a large collection of figures that are perfect for indoor use as part of your Christmas display. No matter which room you have them in or where you position them, they will fill that space with festive cheer. Plenty of these figures also have LED lights built in, which means you can light up your area, too.

Christmas Figures

A Christmas Village

There are plenty of individual Christmas village sets which will look great on their own and add something different to your indoor display, but if you really want to stand out then collecting several individual pieces to make one giant Christmas village display is the way to do it. The great thing about this is that they are fun to collect, and you can add to your display year on year.

If you have used any of our tips and tricks and you think your Christmas display stands out, send a picture to our Instagram page and we’ll feature you on our page - @whitestores.