How to MaintainGarden Furniture in the Autumn

WWhilst plenty of garden furniture materials including rattan and cast aluminium can be used all year round, many people decide to leave their garden furniture alone throughout the autumn and winter months, with less desire to use the furniture. In this blog you can discover which furniture types require minimal maintenance throughout these cooler months and which will need regular care.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

All of our rattan garden furniture is made with HDPE synthetic rattan and powder coated aluminium framework which is designed to withstand all weather conditions and therefore can be left outside all year round. Rattan is also incredibly easy to clean and only requires a gentle wipe down with a damp cloth should it become dirty.

Not needing to store your rattan furniture away is very handy as it means you do not have to make room for the furniture indoors throughout these months and means that the furniture can remain virtually untouched until the spring.

However, some people prefer to add extra protection to their rattan furniture in the shape of a weatherproof cover. These covers add a layer of protection between your rattan furniture and any dirt from leaves or bird droppings that could occur when not in use over the autumn and winter. This means that come the spring when it is time to get your furniture back out, you will not even need to clean the furniture and it will be ready to use straight away.

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Cast aluminium is also incredibly weatherproof and rustproof and can also be left outside all year round without needing to store the furniture away. Additionally, the furniture is also incredibly easy to clean and therefore another low maintenance garden furniture option.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Protected Wood Furniture

Wooden garden furniture will need regular care throughout the autumn and winter as it may discolour when exposed to the low winter sun and is also particularly susceptible to rot when exposed to damp and cold conditions.

We do recommend storing wooden furniture away during particularly rainy seasons as the damp conditions will lead to damage such as rotting or cracking of the wood. If you choose to leave your furniture outdoors, we recommend covering the furniture and regularly treating it with touch-up paint to restore the colour as well as a wood protective treatment.

Weatherproof Fabric Garden Furniture

Fabric Garden Furniture

Our fabric garden furniture is made with powder coated aluminium frames which allow the furniture to be left outside without rusting. Additionally, our fabric is all designed to be fully weatherproof and even protected from heavy downpours as the water will run straight through the quick-dry foam. This means that the furniture can be left outside all year round.

However, fabric garden furniture is not as low maintenance as rattan garden furniture and will require some care in order to restore the furniture to its high-standard before using again in the spring. Despite needing some care, this should be relatively simple as any dirt created by the damp and cold weather conditions can be cleaned very easily with the use of a pressure washer (for tougher stains) or a quick clean with a soft bristle brush using a solution of 150ml bleach, 40ml of mild soap and 2 litres of water.

For more information on any of the materials mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team or visit one of our showrooms to witness the cleaning processes for yourself.