The Beauty of a Flocked Christmas Tree

The Beauty of a Flocked Christmas Tree

This year flocked, snowy and frosted artificial trees have proved to be the most popular kind of tree. But what makes a flocked tree so special and what should you be aware of before assembling your snowy tree? We’ve revealed all in this handy blog update.

Flocked or Frosted

Snowy trees are trees coated in a fake snow substance. There are different types of snowy trees and these are defined by the amount of snow on the branches. Flocked trees are covered in the snow and look like a tree that has bee caught in a snowstorm, the majority of the tree will appear to be white and snow covered, whereas frosted trees are less covered and instead look like a tree on a cold morning with a kind of glittery shimmer but you can still see the green of the tree branch.

Flocked Trees

Snow Will Drop

As you assemble your snowy tree and begin to fluff the branches, you will notice that some of the fake snow will drop from the tree. It may seem like a lot of the snow is falling but this is perfectly normal and can simply be hoovered up once you are finished fluffing.

Don’t panic if it seems like a lot of the snow is coming off of the branches, there is plenty on the branches and you will never have more drop off than remains on the tree. Plus, once you have stopped fluffing the tree it will stop falling and you probably won’t discover any more fallen snow until you put the tree away again until next year.

Keep Away from Pets

Not many people know this, but the snowy substance can be toxic to your pets if ingested. If you have pets, we recommend keeping the tree out of their reach and never leaving them alone in the room with the tree, especially if they take a great interest in the tree.

Frosted Trees

Spend Time Fluffing

We’ve mentioned fluffing your tree above, but it really is important to fluff your tree to get the most out of its appearance. In this previous blog post we have revealed our top tips on how to fluff your tree.

For a snowy tree some branches may be caught together due to the snow, you can still pull the branches apart and fluff them to achieve the best appearance for your tree, don’t be put off by the falling snow, trust us, you aren’t going to end up with a bare tree!

Natural Looking Flocking

The Best Type of Flocking

The aim of all artificial Christmas trees is to look like the real thing without the hassle of having to water, cut down or constantly sweep up fallen needles and to last for much longer than a real tree. So, when choosing your flocked snowy tree knowing what to look for to make it appear as real as possible is important.

Trees can be flocked in different ways, the best type of flocking, we believe, is the type that looks natural and like real snow. To look natural, the flocking should sit on top of the branches and look like little pockets of trapped snow, like snow has been falling from above onto the branches. Flocking that covers the top and bottom of the branch often looks less natural and evidently fake.

If you’re looking for a flocked tree and want to view the tree in person, then we recommend a visit to one of our Christmas showrooms.