The Rise of TheChristmas Nutcracker

WWith Disney’s The Nutcracker released in cinemas all over the country we are seeing a huge rise in popularity in our Christmas Nutcracker collection. If you’re thinking of adding a Nutcracker to your Christmas display this year, here’s why you definitely should and what you need to know about our range of Nutcrackers.

Christmas Nutcrackers

Our Nutcracker collection offers a range of stunning characters, each with their own names and personalities. Based on the popular German wooden crafted Nutcrackers, which are symbols of good luck and thought to scare away bad spirits, our Christmas Nutcrackers are made from a more weatherproof material – Poly Resin.

The Poly Resin material means that our Nutcrackers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All of the Nutcrackers are hand-painted and finished with care to add life and character to the figures. The weatherproof finish also means these Nutcrackers will never need repainting.

LED Christmas Nutcrackers

Our Nutcrackers sizes range from a small 3ft figure to a whopping 5.5ft figure. We recommend the smaller figures to look best next to a fireplace or indoor tree. For our bigger figures we believe they look best outdoors, guarding your front door. Additionally, these Nutcrackers look much more impressive in pairs, which is why we offer family collections of our Nutcracker characters.

A small collection of our Nutcrackers come with colour-changing LED lights that are battery powered. These lights are built in to the Nutcracker’s jacket and are ideal for adding a touch of magic and light to your Christmas display. We believe these light-up Nutcrackers will be much more popular with children.

Christmas Nutcracker Pairs

Nutcracker dolls originated from late-17th century Germany and grew in popularity around the 9th century where they spread to nearby European countries. The dolls became popular outside of Europe after the Second World War. The ballet adaptations which incorporate the dolls have helped to increase the popularity and now with Disney’s The Nutcracker movie we are expecting to see a further boost in the doll’s popularity.

If you’re interested in our Nutcracker collection and want to know more about our Nutcracker characters, do not hesitate to contact us or view our full range online.