Water features make a great accompaniment to any garden, and for most people, they’re either a focal point or the finishing touch. Over time, their designs have evolved, becoming more contemporary and stylish, appealing to a wider range of people.

Understandably, before purchasing a water feature, people have questions and a common question that’s asked is ‘are garden water features pet friendly?’ So, we decided to answer that question in this blog post, but in short, the answer is yes, and here’s why…


Our water features are made from polyresin or a lightweight Glass Reinforced Concrete, meaning they’re weatherproof and extremely robust. Due to their weatherproof qualities, they won’t rust, corrode or crumble due to wet or chilly weather.

This keeps your pets safe from any risk associated with structural weakness or damage caused by rust or corrosion. Their robustness means your curious cat or dog can be inquisitive and interact with the water feature, with a minimal chance of damage being caused.

Our features are sturdy, too, meaning they’re unlikely to fall over (providing they’re on a flat surface) and would require some force to do so. This keeps your pets safe from harm while they’re being playful or during adverse weather conditions.

the answer is yes

It’s Good for Them

Most people don’t know this but having a water feature is good for your pets! Like humans, animals notice sights and sounds, with dogs and cats being known to enjoy the sound of trickling water.

This is a positive because it’ll encourage your pets to drink more. Animals are more likely to drink from running water sources rather than stagnant drinking water, so having a water feature will benefit your cats and dogs as it’ll increase their water intake. This helps prevent infection, as cats and dogs are made up of 75% water, making them susceptible to kidney and urinary infections when dehydrated.

Furthermore, the running water benefits them by stimulating their senses, giving them the incentive to not only drink, but to play. We do recommend being mindful of how excitable your dog may get when playing, however, your cat should be fine, unless it’s an absolute bruiser!

Water features are also handy in the warmer months, as they can help your pet cool down, either by having a drink or by splashing the water around. For example, dogs perspire through their feet, so water features can help them cool down by having some water to splash.

Low Maintenance, Low Risk

Our water features aren’t only easy on the eyes, but they’re easy to maintain, too. Due to their low maintenance, they pose minimal risk to your animals. They don’t need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals and as long the water is changed, you shouldn’t get any algae.

The cleaning instructions for our features is simple, as it involves changing the water once a week and wiping away any dirt.

It’s also important to note that certain features are less likely to attract your pets, such as stone and Buddha water feature styles. Whereas water fountains and features that mimic nature like rockeries and woodland are more likely to attract your pet’s attention.


Hopefully, we’ve answered this burning question in much detail as possible. If you want to find out more about our vast range of outdoor water feature collections, visit our website or showroom today.