5 Important Facts About Your Gas Firepit

IIf you have or you are planning to buy one of our gas firepits then there are some useful facts to know. Below, we have detailed the important things you will want to know before you buy.

1. What Gas Bottle Do I Need?

When using one of our gas firepits, whether it is a coffee table, dining or casual dining table, you require a patio gas bottle. These are the green bottles filled with propane. It is important to get a patio gas bottle and not just any type of gas bottle as the patio gas bottle is the only type compatible with the clip-on regulator we supply with our systems.

Patio Gas Bottle

We advise a 5kg bottle as, for those sets that have space to store the gas bottle inside the table, this is the size that will fit neatly inside and out of sight, anything larger will not fit correctly and this could cause potential damage.

2. How Much Will A Gas Bottle Cost?

This is a tricky question as it depends where you purchase your gas bottle from. However, on average we believe you can find a 5kg patio gas bottle for about £60. Often, this is the hire of the bottle for around £30 and the first £30 fill of gas. Many places will return the £30 for the gas bottle if you bring your gas bottle back if you are ever done with it. This will be a one-off cost and then you will need to refill your gas bottle instead of purchasing a whole new bottle each time you run out.

We recommend the following site www.calor.co.uk to look for your nearest retailer of patio gas bottles. This handy site allows you to find your nearest retailer so you can purchase your gas bottle and refills.

Gas Firepit Coffee Table

3. How Much Will Does a Refill Cost?

Again, this answer varies on where you go to refill your bottle. When you buy your first gas bottle, many places will offer you a refill agreement (for a fee) and this may allow you to get cheaper refills if you are always returning to the same place. On average a refill for a 5kg patio gas bottle costs between £20-30.

4. How Long Does a Gas Bottle Last?

There are many variations of settings to how you use your firepit so the time my vary until your gas bottle runs out. Every KG of propane gas in a gas bottle produces 14kW of heat energy so a 5kg bottle contains 70kW of heat energy. This means that each system size will have a different heat energy output. Below you will find the list of our most common firepit system sizes and their heat energy output:

50 x 50cm Square System – Approximately 12kW which means on a continuous full heat a gas bottle will last around 6 hours.

60 x 25cm Rectangular System - Approximately 12kW which means on a continuous full heat a gas bottle will last around 6 hours.

115 x 25cm Rectangular System – Approximately 15kw which means on a continuous full heat a gas bottle will last around 4.5 hours.

60cm Round System - Approximately 12kW which means on a continuous full heat a gas bottle will last around 6 hours.

80cm Round System - Approximately 18kW which means on a continuous full heat a gas bottle will last around 4 hours.

However, if you run all of these systems on a low or medium heat they will last considerably longer.

Gas Firepit Casual Dining Table

5. What is the Expected Cost Per Hour?

Again, this will completely vary on how much you pay for your gas bottle and refills as well as the setting you choose for your fire pit but let’s give you a few examples:

Say you pay £30 for your gas and use it for 6 hours on a full heat this would cost £5 per hour. However, if you use the same £30 gas refill for 10 hours on a low heat it would cost only £3 per hour. The lower setting you have your firepit set to, the longer it will run and the less your cost per hour will be.


Gas Firepit Dining Table

If you’re looking for one of our gas firepits we have many on offer including our stunning range of GRC coffee tables with fire pit which are the perfect accompaniment to furniture such as outdoor fabric and aluminium sofa sets. The coffee tables make a great place to place drinks and snacks and are great for warming up on a chilly spring evening.

If you want something larger and are looking to purchase a whole new set, then we recommend our rattan casual dining or dining sets with fire pit tables. These sets can be covered with the metal lid provided to create extra dining space, or they can be used to heat your outdoor space when the firepit is in use.

If you need any help deciding what firepit to purchase or you require any more information on the facts mentioned above, we recommend speaking to one of our customer service members on our new live chat feature.