Everything You Need to Know About Water Features

OOur brand-new collection of water features is going down a treat with customers thanks to the unique designs and interesting concepts. However, some of you may not know anything about water features and feel put off by potential maintenance. We’re here to clean up any rumours about water features being hard to look after and help you bring a peaceful water feature to your garden space.

Water Features

Water features are such a brilliant way to bring a peaceful ambience to your garden. There is nothing quite like the sound of flowing water to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, which is vital to enjoy your garden space.

However, some common misconceptions often turn people off from purchasing a water feature. These misconceptions are that water features are difficult to clean, expensive to run and often faulty.

Our brand-new range of water features from Nova Outdoor Living prove that these really are misconceptions and water features couldn’t be easier to look after. Take a look below to discover more about our water feature collection.

What are the water features made of?

Water Features

Our Nova Outdoor Living water features are made from either concrete or polyresin. Both of these materials are fully weatherproof as well as frost and UV resistant and can be left outside.

Do I need to store my water feature indoors during the winter?

No. Thanks to the weatherproof materials the water features can remain outside all year round. However, we do recommend covering the water feature throughout the winter to keep it better protected.

How do the water features work?

Our water features are mains operated and come with a 5m lead cable which gives you plenty of stretch to reach your nearest indoor plug socket. We find that these mains operated water features are much more reliable than solar powered water features as you can switch them on whenever you choose rather than relying on good weather (which is very temperamental in the UK).

Water Features

Can I leave my water feature switched on?

Yes! Your water feature can be left on 24 hours a day if you wish. However, you must always make sure that the water level covers the pump in order for the fountain to flow correctly. We recommend that the water is topped up every 3-7 days, or maybe more frequently if you leave the water feature switched on for 24 hours a day.

How often do I need to replace the water?

You should fully replace the water once a week to ensure that it is clean.

Do I need to fill it with any fancy water or chemicals?

No. Simply fill the fountain with tap water for best results and don’t use any chemicals.

How do I clean the water feature?

As long as you are replacing your water every 7 days, you will only need to wash the feature with a damp cloth once a week to ensure it is clean. This is great as it only takes a few minutes a week to clean. No chemicals should be used to clean the item. If you have left it a bit longer to change the water, you may just need to scrub a little bit harder with your damp cloth.

I don’t like the colour of my water feature; can I paint it?

We do not recommend attempting to paint the water feature as it will not mix well with the paint already used to colour the water feature. The good news is we have plenty of colour options available for our water features, so you are bound to find a colour you like without needing to paint the water feature.

Water Features

Are there any adjustable settings on the water features?

All of our water features come with a flow control valve which allows you to easily control the speed at which your fountain flows.

Are there any special features?

Some of our water features contain warm white LEDs which are great for if you regularly use your garden at night as they add a stunning light feature to your outdoor space. The lights are non-replaceable LED bulbs.

How many litres of water are required to fill the water feature?

This depends on the size of the water feature and can vary from 3 litres to 49 litres. For more information, please check the individual product descriptions of each item.

Is there any assembly required?

Water Features

These is some assembly to the pump, and this is very easy to do. You will simply need to insert the water tube into the pump, making sure there are no holes, then place the pump into the water, ensuring the water is higher than the pump. To control the water flow, adjust the panel at the front of the pump.

All instructions of how to do this will be included with your water feature.

What is the pump wattage?

The pump wattage varies per item. For more information, please check the individual product descriptions of each item.

What is the warranty on the water features?

There is a 1-year warranty with all water features. Any damage (not caused by dropping or misuse) will be covered under warranty, as will the pump and LEDs.

We believe that this will cover everything you need to encourage you to add a stylish and peaceful water feature to your outdoor space as well as to get your water feature up and running. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to visit us in-store to see the water features in action and speak to a helpful sales agent or contact us via [email protected].