How Much is Too Much to Spend on an Artificial Christmas Tree?

CChoosing an artificial Christmas tree comes down to personal taste as well as budget. With Christmas already being such an expensive time of year, getting the most for your money is important. Here, we look into how much is too much, or whether you are spending enough on your artificial Christmas tree.

Low Budget Artificial Christmas Trees

Like all things in life, the more you pay, the better you can expect that product or service to be, and an artificial tree is no different. If you choose to pick up the cheapest tree from your local supermarket then you can expect low quality branches, an unrealistic finish and quite a bare looking tree. However, if you spend time looking at trees in garden centres or online and make an educated decision on your purchase you will be able to get the best-looking tree as well as something that suits your budget.

There are plenty of styles to choose from including, pre-lit, flocked, frosted, or standard green trees, and just as many materials, including PVC, PE, PVC & PE Mix, and PVC & Hard Needle Mix. The most luxury trees will be a PVC & PE Mix, these trees are easy to shape, as well as incredibly realistic. Of course, these styles will range in price as well as quality. The size of your tree will also impact the price, but we don’t think you should sacrifice height for a reduced price, you’re likely to be disappointed if your tree is smaller than you, unless you are specifically looking for a small tree to fit a small space.

Additionally, you have to consider other costs, for example you may pay slightly more for a pre-lit tree, however if you pay less for a standard tree you may end up paying more for a set of lights to add to your chosen tree. It is important to weigh up the costs of your decorations when choosing your tree.

High Budget Artificial Christmas Trees

If you spend a bit more on a top-quality tree then you will be investing in a product that is going to last you for years to come, which means a one off big spend rather than purchasing a new tree every year which will add up and probably cost more in the long run. Most of our high-end trees come with a 12-year guarantee which shows you just how long you can expect the trees to last.

However, it is possible for even our cheaper trees to look incredible, this just requires fluffing of the tree to ensure the branches look full and pretty. For full information on how to fluff your tree properly, click here.

Some of our favourite trees cost under £50, however others cost upwards of £200. We also know that there are plenty of trees available on the market for over £500. We don’t think there is ever an amount that is too much to spend on an artificial tree, because Christmas is special, and an artificial tree is an investment that is going to brighten your home for years to come. However, choosing your budget and style comes down to personal preference. There is always a stunning artificial Christmas tree available on any budget, it’s just knowing what to look for.

If you need help finding an artificial tree within your budget, then we recommend speaking to one of our helpful customer service advisors who will help you to find the most suitable tree for your needs.