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From Traditional to Contemporary Garden Furniture

There is so many garden furniture styles to choose from, from traditional to contemporary garden furniture and everything in between, but what falls under these categories and how can you keep your garden following one trend rather than a mismatch of ideas? We’ve highlighted the top items that fit under each umbrella to help you keep your garden consistent and flowing.

Traditional Garden Furniture

When you think about traditional garden styles you think about the common back garden that most of us will enjoy, a small patio space and a small lawn, to utilise your space you need somewhere to sit and somewhere to store things away.

Traditional garden furniture typically consists of wood or plastic, these aren’t necessarily the best garden furniture materials, but they are readily available and in many styles. If you’re going for a traditional look, we recommend the following 5 things:

1. Wooden table and chairs.
2. Dark green wooden parasol.

3. Un-painted wooden shed.

4. Dark green garden furniture cushions.

5. Wooden bench.

Traditional Garden Furniture

Funky Garden Furniture

If you want to make your garden look a little more interesting, then funky garden furniture is a great way to do so. However, if you don’t follow a trend your garden can look less funky and more mismatched.

We believe the best garden furniture for funky gardens is rattan, because it comes in so many colours, shapes and sizes. To keep your garden looking consistent and funky we recommend you pick one colour rattan and pick a theme e.g. curves or straight edges. This allows you to find lots of funky shapes that still match. The 5 things we recommend for a funky garden are:

1. Funky rattan sun loungers.

2. An unusual rattan seating area.

3. A water feature.

4. A rattan hanging pod.

5. Flower beds made out of objects (i.e. chest of drawers, tyres, etc.)

Funky Garden Furniture

Luxury Garden Furniture

If you have a larger garden or you just want your space to feel more high-end, luxury garden furniture is the way to do so. You can find many luxury furniture materials, including rattan and weatherproof fabric. We believe that outdoor fabric gives the ultimate luxury look and is very comfortable.

Here are the 5 things we recommend for a luxury garden:

1. Weatherproof fabric sofa set.

2. Gas fire pit coffee table.

3. Cantilever parasol.

4. Large water feature.

5. uPVC summer house.

Luxury Garden Furniture

Retro Garden Furniture

If you want your garden to be a throwback to better days, then a retro look is ideal. Retro materials include colourful plastics, cast aluminium and wood. We recommend just sticking to one of these materials rather than mixing them, and what you choose depends on the type of look you wish to go for.

For a more colourful 80s vibe then colourful metals or plastics are ideal but if you want a more classical retro throwback then cast aluminium with floral patterns is the perfect choice. Based on the more classical retro approach, here are the 5 things we recommend:

1. Cast aluminium dining set.

2. Beige/taupe aluminium parasol.

3. Natural garden furniture cushions.

4. An outdoor beanbag.

5. A garden wall mirror.

Retro Garden Furniture

Contemporary Garden Furniture

There are so many styles of contemporary garden furniture, some of our favourites include modern rattan garden furniture with built in fire pits, weatherproof outdoor fabric, and new aluminium sets with rising tables.

With thick, modern aluminium furniture with handy features, being the newest style to hit the markets we are going to say this is the most contemporary style and here are the 5 things we recommend for a contemporary garden:

1. Aluminium corner sofa set with rising table

2. LED cantilever parasol.

3. Built-in outdoor barbecue kitchen.

4. Outdoor lighting.

5. Gas fire pit coffee table.

Contemporary Garden Furniture

No matter what type of garden furniture you are looking for, you can find everything you need, and get plenty of top tips, when you visit one of our garden furniture showrooms, located across the UK.