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Outdoor Fabric Furniture

A customer’s wants and needs are always progressing, so with it comes new innovative ideas. The garden furniture industry is listening carefully to their customers and has invoked new technology to keep up with demands. The latest in these developments is outdoor fabric furniture.

Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric

Many consumers desire the luxury living area feel, but in their garden. But with such temperamental weather conditions there needed to be a special formula to allow this. Nova Garden Furniture have teamed up with Sunbrella to produce fabric furniture that is protected against all the elements.

The fabric is water repellent; therefore, a light shower will simply repel, bead up, and roll off of the fabric furniture. Plus, inside the furniture is a sponge like, quick-dry foam, which means any heavy downpours will run straight through the furniture and out the other side. This technology will allow the furniture to dry out within 30 minutes.

Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric

The framework is made using powder coated aluminium which is not only incredibly lightweight but is 100% weatherproof, and rust resistant. This means that this fabric furniture can be left outside all year round without weather damage.

Not only is this fabric weather protected but it is also protected against spills and stains. Unlike the panic you feel when you spill something on your living room sofa, spilling something like red wine, tomato ketchup or fruit juice on your outdoor fabric is no cause for panic. You can clean the mess easily with soapy water or, for tougher stains, a solution of 150ml bleach, 40ml of mild soap and 2 litres of water.

Don’t believe us? Watch this great video demonstration from Sunbrella on how the fabric works.

You’ll be amazed at how durable this fabric furniture is as well as how comfortable and stylish it is! There’s something for everybody, from comfortable fabric sofa sets, to dining sets, bar sets and even sun loungers.

If you still don’t believe us, get down to our Essex showroom and we will give you a live demonstration on our water repellent fabric furniture. You won’t be disappointed!