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Weatherproof garden furniture battling the snow

By now spring should have sprung, however, we are still battling huge amounts of snow across the country. But don’t let it put you off from ordering garden furniture as a huge amount of garden furniture is incredibly weatherproof and will not be affected by the snow.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Weatherproof rattan garden furniture is incredibly durable and resistant to frost and snow. Especially White Stores’ rattan garden furniture as we only stock the highest quality rattan garden furniture that uses HDPE (High-density polyethene) synthetic rattan. HDPE is incredibly resistant to this cold weather and, unlike other synthetic rattans, will not crack or go brittle when exposed to copious amounts of cold weather.

Another key feature about our weatherproof rattan furniture is the powder-coated aluminium frames that we use. This helps to prevent rust, which is something that can happen extensively in cold weather and snow. Rattan furniture with steel frames will rust easily in this weather which is why we only use powder-coated aluminium to stop this from happening and prevent the rust from damaging not only your furniture but also from staining your patio or decking area.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture Covers

Although our rattan furniture is incredibly weatherproof and has been tested in -20° temperatures, many people still worry about leaving their garden furniture outside in such extreme temperatures, so we also offer a collection of weatherproof garden furniture covers from Nova Outdoor Living. These covers will fit securely over your rattan furniture set using the drawstrings and eyelets to add an extra layer of protection to your furniture. These covers are coated in a specialised Weathertex formula which causes water to repel and bead and stops the water from going through to the furniture. These covers will also stop the snow from landing directly onto your furniture. Plus, the covers themselves are UV resistant to stop the cover and your furniture fading when exposed to harsh sunlight.

We believe that now is the best time to order rattan garden furniture, despite the snow, as it is the last few weeks to enjoy pre-season prices before the spring season kicks in. Plus, with this furniture being so weatherproof it will not matter if the bad weather continues because when spring does break through your furniture will have been perfectly protected and now ready to use.