5 Steps to Creatingan Outdoor Office

WWorking from home has become the new normal for many people during the pandemic, and almost a year in we’re certain many of you are sick of the sight of those 4 walls you have been trapped in. Well, we’re here to refresh your surroundings and help you to create a space that gets you excited to go to work again – even if it is still from home.

Many people have found that they were unprepared to work from home, with a high percentage of people reporting not to have a designated office space and finding themselves working at the kitchen table. With the working from home culture set to continue for thousands, even once lockdown restrictions come to an end, we believe that creating a designated outdoor office space will refresh your motivation as well as make you feel more comfortable working from home.

We believe that an outdoor office is key to creating work-life balance even though you’re working from home. This is down to several reasons, including the fact that you can now separate your home and working area. For those working at the kitchen table this has been very difficult as even during the times you are not working, your personal space has been overtaken by work equipment. By creating a separate office in the garden, you will allow your home to just be your home again.

Additionally, we believe this new space will increase your motivation and productivity levels. For one, it will feel like you are actually getting up and going to work as you have to go outside and walk slightly further than the kitchen table. Plus, you will be less distracted by things like the washing up, the big pile of laundry that needs doing and be free to concentrate on your work projects.

So, what are the steps to creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor office?

Step 1 – Shelter is a must

In Britain, our temperamental, downright miserable weather means that it’s impossible to consider a garden office without first installing some kind of shelter. But this shelter doesn’t need to be an out-building, summer house or shed. A garden pergola can create the perfect level of shelter and protection from the elements, without having to build an expensive structure and without loosing that freedom of fresh air in your outdoor office.

Our aluminium pergolas have tilting louvres which allow you to let in sunshine or to close the top off from elements such as rain. Plus, by adding our pergola screens you can also create protection from wind and add shade, creating a space that is comfortable and the right temperature in all weathers.

Step 2 – A well-lit space

Lighting is crucial in order to work from home, particularly on short winter days. We recommend plenty of outdoor lighting such as lighting strips, large bulbs and other lighting that is not solar powered so that you don’t have to struggle on darker days.

Another great lighting method doubles up as a way to keep warm in your outdoor office. Our range of patio heaters offer both light and heat.

Step 3 – Somewhere to sit

There is no office at all without somewhere to sit and somewhere for your equipment. When choosing garden furniture for your outdoor office it is important to consider the fact you will be sat for long periods of time and therefore you need something that will offer both support and comfort.

We have several solutions to this, including our range of high back dining chairs such as the Sienna dining range, which comes with padded cushions for comfort and offer a great level of support. Or why not go one step further and go for our reclining Ruxley dining range. These chairs are not only high back but can be reclined to multiple different positions providing the ultimate comfort for working from home.

If you want to use your garden as a garden is intended and not just as a home office, then we have the perfect solution for furniture that suits both purposes. Our casual dining range with rising tables are ideal for relaxing as well as working at home. The rising table allows you to adjust the position of your equipment but is also perfect for outdoor dining.

Step 4 – Comfort is key

Being comfortable is crucial to success in a working environment – if your setup creates aches and pains you are more likely to get up for breaks and feel as though you need to leave your space more often.

With all of our garden furniture you will receive thick, padded cushions which will increase the comfort of your outdoor space and allow you to increase your productivity.

Step 5 – Everything you need

There are some key features that can be added to your setup in order to ensure you have everything you need to work productively throughout the day. For example, our ice bucket dining sets mean that you can keep refreshments chilled and within arm’s reach – particularly handy for working on a hot summer’s day.

Following these 5 steps will allow you to create a garden office that is flexible to your working needs but also create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed daily with friends and family.

For more information on any of these products, we recommend booking a virtual tour of our showroom or speaking to one of our customer service advisors.