Celebrating 13 years ofWhite Stores

TThis year White Stores is celebrating 13 years in business and 13 great years of delivering garden furniture around the globe. Over those 13 years, we have celebrated some fantastic achievements such as being recognised for several business owner and entrepreneur of the year awards.

White Stores Celebrates 13 Years in Business

However, the biggest part of recognising this 13 years is that it really ensures that we are trustworthy to our customers. Many businesses offer guarantees and warranties even though they have not been in business for very long and it can be hard to recognise whether these guarantees are reputable. But, at White Stores, this huge milestone allows us to solidify trust with our consumers and offer extremely lengthy guarantees on our garden furniture that are genuine offers.

Over the 13 years, we have become incredibly well known as one of the largest retailers of rattan garden furniture in the UK. Not only online but additionally in our showrooms, scattered around the UK. Our Essex showroom is, in fact, the largest garden furniture showroom in the UK, spreading across 2 floors, offering a chance to view over 200 garden furniture sets that are on display.

White Stores Essex Showroom

Our additional showrooms are franchises located in garden centres across the country. We are extremely proud to work closely with these garden centres – Bypass Nurseries and Phoenix Rose Garden Centre – and to help increase footfall to their centres as well as offer additional areas for our customers to visit us and get information on our garden furniture.

We are extremely passionate about offering a place to try your garden furniture before you buy, and we feel this transparency is another reason we are able to celebrate this 13-year milestone in our business.

Facebook Sofa Giveaway

White Stores has had a lot to celebrate in recent years, including the accumulation of our own wholesale and manufacturing brand – Nova. We exclusively design all Nova garden furniture which allows us to take on board all feedback from our customers and produce garden furniture designs that are fresh to the market and exactly what a consumer wants and needs from a product. This also enables us to use the best materials available and allows us to produce fully weather resistant rattan garden furniture as well as durable cast aluminium and stunning fabrics.

To celebrate the 13-year mark, we are running a mega giveaway on our Facebook page, entitled 13,000 likes for 13 years in business. This fantastic giveaway is allowing us to reward one of our customers, old or new, with a fantastic sofa set. All you have to do is make sure you like our Facebook page, then like and share our pinned post, and as soon as we reach 13,000 likes on our Facebook page we will pick one of the 13,000 likers to win the sofa set absolutely free.

This is a genuine thank you to all of our existing customers for continuing to think of us, recommend us and shop with us, as well as a celebration of our new customers who are joining us on our journey. So, if you are one of these people, get involved and like our Facebook page!

Here’s to another 13 years!