Classic Garden Furniture vs.Modern Garden Furniture

NNot sure whether you desire a classic garden look or a modern garden with all the latest technology? We’re here to help you make the right decision and get the most out of your garden space.

Classic garden furniture, otherwise known as traditional or old fashioned, simply means classically styled. Many people think of classic garden furniture as using traditional materials such as wood or plastic. Therefore, classic garden furniture can include wooden benches, plastic dining sets and other similar items.

Classic Garden Furniture

Modern garden furniture on the other hand consists of newer materials and the latest technology in garden furniture innovation, such as weatherproof fabric sofa sets and rattan dining sets. These modern garden furniture pieces can often be larger and fulfil plenty of garden furniture needs.

Choosing the right style of garden furniture for your garden can come down to many different factors such as: style, look, size, and durability. Lots of people enjoy the classic look that comes with wooden furniture, however the trouble with these classic styles are that they require lots of maintenance. Wooden furniture needs regular care to prevent discolouration and weather damage, plus plastic gets dirty very easily and requires regular cleaning.

Modern furniture has been designed with today’s busy lifestyles in mind and therefore requires virtually no maintenance in order to make your garden less hassle and more enjoyable. For example, rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof and fabric furniture can be cleaned quickly to remove spills and stains.

Modern Garden Furniture

Many people enjoy the look and feel of classic garden furniture as it blends well with older homes and the design of many traditional gardens. However, these materials can take up plenty of space and can often be difficult to store, whereas modern garden furniture often does not require storing thanks to its weatherproof qualities or has been designed with storage in mind, for example stacking chairs.

A great example of modern garden furniture that solves a storage issue is the rattan cube set. The cube set offers plenty of room for many guests. However, it does not need to take up valuable space in your garden when not in use. All items with the cube set can be left outside all year round thanks to the weatherproof rattan and can be tucked neatly under the table, freeing up space in your garden.

Weatherproof Modern Garden Furniture

Some types of classic garden furniture, like plastic may come with a cheaper price tag when compared to modern garden furniture. However, the durability and longevity of these items will suffer in comparison. If you’re redesigning your garden, we would expect that you want your garden furniture to be long lasting and keep your garden looking fresh for as long as possible. Classic garden furniture often requires plenty of care and can still be easily damaged, meaning you may have to replace the furniture often.

However, modern garden furniture often comes with a 5+ year guarantee and is designed to be life-long furniture that keeps your garden looking brand new for years and years. They may be more expensive, but they will not need replacing and require much less care.

Modern garden furniture is still being developed to include handy features whereas classic furniture will often remain the same. So, your decision may be based on the technology included. If you just need a basic bench then classic furniture is ideal, however if you want furniture that offers multiple uses then modern furniture is the way to go.

Whether you’re looking for modern or classic furniture we have large ranges of both and can offer help and advice about which type of furniture will suit your needs. Plus, you can test the furniture types for yourself if you visit us in one of our showrooms located around the UK.