Convert Your Summer Garden Furniture into a Winter Haven

Convert Your Summer Garden Furniture into a Winter Haven

You may have got lots of use out of your garden furniture this summer, but you might feel that it was not quite enough and you’re already missing evenings spent outside with friends and family. Well, if you follow these top tips, we hope you will be able to convert your summer furniture into a space you can enjoy in winter, too.

Patio Heater

Add Heat & Light

If you’ve spent time on your outdoor dining or corner sofa set this summer, then you can make this a suitable space for winter just by adding a patio heater. If you have a dining set then a table top heater is a great way to keep everyone around the table nice and warm and if you have a sofa set or corner sofa set then a freestanding patio heater will spread heat around your entire area.

Plus, our patio heaters double up as a source of light, which is ideal as the evenings draw in and get darker quicker. Having this extra source of heat and light means you’re not struggling to see your guests (or your glass of wine) and you can keep warm and remain outside for longer.

Gas Fire Pit Coffee Tables

Create Ambience

Winter can be miserable, and things can look dreary and drab in cold and wet weather. To create an environment you actually want to spend time in during the winter we recommend creating a good ambience with a gas fire pit coffee table.

Watching the flickering flames is a brilliant way to spend an evening, especially if you’re surrounded by loved ones. A fire pit table will create a warm and cosy environment that will make your garden look more attractive throughout the winter months.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Move Furniture Indoors

If the weather really is not permitting for you to spend any time outdoors during the winter, then a way you can still enjoy your garden furniture is to bring it indoors. If you have a conservatory space, summer house or garage, you can create a more usable area by bringing your garden furniture into this space.

Rattan garden furniture is incredibly lightweight and easy to move from one position to another, so it makes great furniture for this purpose.

If you’re looking for garden furniture that allows you to enjoy your garden throughout the winter months, we recommend a visit to one of our garden furniture showrooms where you can get advice and information from our knowledgeable advisors.