Create an “Instagrammable” Garden.

Create an “Instagrammable” Garden.

In the day and age of social influencers and heavy online presence, getting “likes” is important to most of us. So, in this handy blog post, we’ll reveal our top 6 tips for creating a garden that’s Instagram worthy.

1. Utilise Your Space

Your garden can be Instagram worthy whether it is small or large. Sometimes, the smaller spaces even photograph better. You just need to know how to utilise your area.

For smaller spaces don’t cram too much in, making it look overcrowded and messy, also add outdoor mirrors to create the illusion of extra space. For larger gardens, maybe focus on one area for your photos, so that your space doesn’t look sparse and empty.

Garden Furniture

2. Good Lighting Is Crucial

Good lighting is super important for garden photography, especially for evening photos. A great time to catch an Insta-worthy shot is at sunset but if you don’t have good lighting in your garden then the picture won’t come out right.

We recommend adding lights to your flowerbeds, LED light strips are also great to run along raised flowerbeds. Plus, solar lights and hanging overhead lights are always fun to photograph.

Outdoor Lighting

3. Know Your Angles

Just like working a pose for the camera if you were taking a “selfie”, you must know the best angles of your garden to take photos of. For example, you could have a gorgeous decking area with comfortable garden furniture and pretty plants behind from one angle and another angle could be of the exact same area but with your neighbour’s building work in the background.

It’s important to take into consideration all aspects of what’s going on in the photo and not just what you are focusing on.

4. Make Your Space Look Loved

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to make everything look perfect for your photo, but don’t fluff the cushions, don’t take that half empty glass of wine out of the shot. If you love your garden enough to take photos of it, make sure it looks loved, and used!

People are often more inclined to like photos on Instagram with people in, so have your friends and family in your photos, show off your space when it is at its best – when it’s being used for what it was designed for, being outside!

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5. Turn up the Heat

If you’re unsure what to put in your garden to make it photo-worthy, a firm favourite amongst Instagrammers is a fire pit. The stunning flames make your garden look warm and inviting as well as aspirational. There are so many “artsy” photos and videos you can do with your fire pit that your followers will never get bored of seeing it.

Plus, not only is a fire pit fun to look at but they are incredibly practical for your garden too, as they allow you to enjoy your outside space for longer. Out favourite fire pits are those that double up as coffee tables so that they also have a practical use during the day, as well as in the evening.

Fire Pits

6. Stick to Your Aesthetic

Having a successful Instagram page often means picking an aesthetic and sticking to it. Whether you opt for a traditional aesthetic, a modern look, or a colourful visual, make sure everything in your garden follows this trend. This includes plants, lighting and garden furniture.

For modern spaces, the garden furniture that we recommend is outdoor fabric, the high-end modern look of weatherproof fabric will really impress your followers and is easy to photograph well. For a more traditional space, cast aluminium with its floral patterns can be extremely photogenic, but not always the comfiest furniture. Rattan garden furniture can be just as photogenic if you pick the right colours and the right weave that looks upmarket and not cheap and can also be much comfier to use. Colourful furniture can be trickier to not look tacky but there is some great colourful metal furniture available, or you pick a plain colour furniture and just dress up your garden with colourful accessories.

Rattan Garden Furniture

We hope that these top tips help you to create an Insta-worthy garden. If they do, we’d love to see your photos. Be sure to tag us and follow our own Instagram page @whitestores.