Predicted Trends forChristmas 2018

Christmas Nutcrackers

LLooking ahead to Christmas, there are plenty of decorations available already. At White Stores, we already have our Christmas range live and ready to go, allowing our customers to get ahead of the game and start their festive seasons as soon as possible. But, what is going to be popular among consumers this year? We’ve outlined our predictions for popular Christmas trends this year.

Nutcracker Figures

We’re predicting that our biggest selling figures this year will be our collection of stunning Nutcrackers. Based on the popular wooden German figures, our collection of Nutcrackers are made from weatherproof poly resin that can be left outside throughout the winter season without weather damage.

These stunning Nutcrackers all have their own personalities and would look ideal standing tall next to a fireplace or outside guarding your front door. With figures as tall as 5.5ft available, these Nutcrackers are sure to impress your neighbours, friends and family. There are also smaller figures available with brilliant light up jackets, adding fun and colour to your Christmas display.

Rattan Christmas Reindeer

We predict these figures will be incredibly popular with larger houses as well as families, due to their fun and colourful stylings.

Rattan Reindeers

Our collection of weatherproof rattan reindeers can be used as individuals or as wonderful reindeer families. Whether you have one or a collection of these reindeer figures, the rattan is ideal for being left outside all throughout the winter, and also look great when used indoors.

LED Compact Cluster Lights

These reindeer are light-up figures and are available in both brown and grey. The warm white LED lights are dual powered which means they can be operated via a mains plug or a battery pack. This is very helpful if your desired location is not near to a plug socket.

LED Compact Cluster Lights

Our stunning collection of LED compact cluster lights are ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor trees. With a range of different sizes available you will be able to find the perfect amount of lights for your tree, whether you have a 6ft, 7ft or even something larger. These lights are perfect for trees as they offer 4x as many lights per metre as any regular string light, offering a fuller, more satisfying look to your trees.

Flocked Artificial Trees

These lights are multifunctional and offer 8 different light settings, including static, fade, waves and combination. Additionally, they have a handy timer setting, allowing them to come on at the same time every day for 8 hours and turn off at the same time every day for 16 hours, helping you to save electricity and energy.

Snowy/Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees

Add a touch of winter magic to your living room by introducing a snowy or frosted artificial Christmas tree. These flocked trees are ideal for creating a winter wonderland in your own home and look magical with a set of warm white LED lights.

Blossom Trees

These trees offer something different to your standard artificial tree and are ideal for impressing friends and family. Our flocked trees typically come with a hinged design which makes them easy to assemble. You will need to spread the branches to create your desired loo, which is much easier with a hinged design compared to a hooked design.

Blossom Trees

Our large range of blossom trees have always been popular, this year we have extended the range to include more sizes and more colours. Additionally, the trees are multifunctional and offer 8 different light settings including static, twinkle, glow, sequential and combination.

The blossom trees are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offer a 5m lead cable to reach your nearest plug socket. These trees are often popular with those who want something alternative, or in addition to, a regular Christmas tree.

For our full range of Christmas products, visit here. Or contact one of our team who will be able to help you find your perfect Christmas decorations.