Summer 2020 Outdoor Living Trends

SStylish garden furniture will look great for years and years, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends that come and go. Here, we take a look at the trends for summer 2020.

Trend 1: An Outdoor Living Area

For homeowners looking to expand their space without planning permission, building extensions or spending a fortune, the outdoor room is the perfect trend for you. Turning your garden into an extension of your home, that flows freely between indoor and outdoor is a trend that is sure to last well past the summer of 2020.

Fabric Sofa Set

Look at all of the aspects you consider when you design your interior and apply those same aspects to your exterior, for example, comfort, style and practicality.

Our top tips for turning your outdoor space into an extra room are:

Outdoor Fabric Furniture

Outdoor fabric sofa sets are the perfect way to seamlessly blend your interior with your exterior. The sofas look stylish and as though they could belong indoors, but the fabric is made from specially treated material which is water and stain-repellent. You do not have to store the furniture indoors and it can be jetwashed clean if dirt appears. Plus, even after a heavy downpour, the quick dry foam inside means your furniture will be dry and ready to use after just 30 minutes of sunshine.

Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug will make your outdoor space feel cosier and also appear more like a room than just a place where your furniture is kept. There are plenty of specially designed weatherproof outdoor rugs available on the market.

A Pergola

Adding some form of outdoor structure like a pergola over your outdoor space will make it feel more like a room. The great thing about our aluminium pergolas is that the roof can be opened and closed to let in sunlight and to keep out rain. This means you can continue to use your garden even in bad weather.

Scatter Cushions

Firepit Table

Outdoor scatter cushions can transform your outdoor seating area to reflect your personality and to blend seamlessly with your indoor colours. You would often add scatter cushions to an indoor sofa, so if you’re trying to form an outdoor room then why not do the same?

Trend 2: Modern Technology

2020 has seen plenty of new garden furniture technology come to the forefront of the market. Our personal favourites are height adjustable tables and firepit tables, as they are practical and stylish.

Height Adjustable Tables

Rising tables are a perfect addition to any garden space, allowing you to swap from a coffee table to a casual dining table, and vice versa, with ease. This is extremely practical as it means you do not need multiple furniture pieces to enjoy different occasions and you can easily go from dining with friends and family to relaxing with a cup of tea. It is also great for those with smaller children who want to be able to eat with the adults as the coffee table height will be perfect for them.

Firepit Tables

Firepit tables also offer practicality as well as extending your time outdoors. The brilliant flame tables offer plenty of heat and light which allows you and your guests to stay outdoors for longer, enjoying every second of the fleeting British summer. But you can also cover the firepit when you need extra dining space, making it completely practical as you do not have to give up any precious room for the firepit.

Trend 3: Peace & Serenity

Our gardens are often where we go to relax so ensuring you have elements that allow you to do so successfully are important. Our top recommendations for calming outdoor furniture and accessories are:

Water Features

Sun Loungers

Ensuring you feel like you are on holiday in your own back garden, a sun lounger is the perfect place to relax either alone or with a partner. Being able to lie back and enjoy the sunshine is a wholly relaxing experience in itself but with the added comfort from a rattan or fabric sun lounger you will feel completely peaceful.

Water Features

Nothing is more calming than the sound of running water which is why our collection of outdoor fountains are a must for your garden. Many of these water fountains also have built-in LED lights, meaning they become a focal point of your garden at night.

If you need help following these trends, then make sure to visit one of our garden furniture showrooms for top tips and advice.