Summer Garden Trends For 2021

IIf 2020 has taught us anything it’s that life is unpredictable, and it has certainly highlighted the importance of our home and garden spaces for our wellbeing. Here, we’ve looked at how the pandemic has affected garden trends for the summer of 2021.

With summer holidays still not certain to go ahead, people are planning another year of staycations and therefore spending more time in their gardens. This has led to an uptake in garden improvements as well as new garden furniture purchases. Here, we have uncovered the latest garden trends for summer 2021.

Bringing Inside, Outside

With the garden being our only outdoor reprieve, many people don’t want to have to rely on good weather to spend outdoors, especially with Britain’s unreliable weather. So, pergolas are extremely on trend for gardens this year as they offer a sheltered outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round.

Pergolas are the perfect way to create an extension of your home and the illusion of an outdoor room. With our aluminium pergolas you can open the louvres to let in glorious sunlight or you can close them to keep out rain, allowing you to enjoy your garden no matter the weather.

A Modern Revamp

Aluminium garden furniture is also on-trend this summer thanks to its sleek, modern appearance. With many people taking the time to revamp their gardens completely and transform them from bland outdoor space to regularly enjoyed, stylish areas, aluminium suits these new modern revamps perfectly.

With so many styles of aluminium furniture available from dining sets to corner sofas and sun loungers, you can continue to mix and match your furniture to improve your outdoor space.

Instagram Worthy Setups

Another great way to extend the time you can spend outdoors is with a firepit table. These warming flames add both heat and light to your outdoor space, allowing you to spend longer outdoors and stay in the garden well into the evening.

These great flame tables are also very “Instagramable” and with so many of us posting our home improvements online, these tables will offer some popular content.

Modular Garden Furniture

Furniture that can be rearranged into multiple different layouts is known as modular garden furniture. This is often seen in corner sofa sets that are made up of individual pieces and can therefore be moved around to create different setups. This style of furniture is set to be incredibly popular in 2021 as it’s ideal for sticking to social distancing guidelines.

Being able to separate the pieces into multiple seating areas means that you can invite guests into your garden and still stick to the 2m social distancing guidelines to keep everybody as safe as possible.

Imagine You’re On Holiday

A great water feature will be the perfect addition to any garden space to offer the sounds and smells of water that not only insights peace and tranquillity but also, if you close your eyes, will sound like the pool on holiday.

If you’re looking to redo your garden this summer, we recommend visiting our showrooms when they reopen on April 12th as per government guidelines (subject to change if restrictions are not lifted).