The ChristmasCountdown

TThat’s right we’ve said the C word. There are only 144 days left until Christmas, that’s only 21 weekends. Before you know it, Christmas will be here, there will be Christmas trees all around and lights everywhere.

Christmas Decorations

Make sure you get the best Christmas deals by ordering early. Our complete Christmas range went live this week, everything from light up Christmas figures, to Artificial Christmas Trees, to LED lights. We are offering 10% off to those people excited about Christmas already, just like we are! With the code “XMAS10” you can enjoy 10% off plenty of items in our Christmas range as a reward for being early to the Christmas party.

With Christmas on the way we thought we would share some of our Christmas top picks and the items we expect to be the most popular this year so that you can get a head start on your Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree Lights

Our exclusive range of The Winter Workshop Megabrights Compact Cluster Christmas Tree Lights are the best and brightest LED lights we’ve ever offered. Available in 5 colours, Cool White, Warm White, Multi Coloured, Copper Glow, and Cool & Warm White Mix, these compact clusters are designed to give you 4 x more lights per metre than standard lights. These lights will give your Christmas tree a fuller look and are designed specifically for use on trees. With the most popular tree size being 6ft, we recommend our pack of 750 LED Compact Cluster Christmas Tree Lights, ideal for filling a 6ft tree.

Compact Cluster Christmas Tree Lights

These lights offer 8 multi-function settings including static, twinkle, fade, chasing, glow, sequential, waves, and combination. Additionally, there is a built-in timer function which allows your lights to come on at the same time every day. This spectacular timer will see your lights switch on at the same time every day for 8 hours and off for 16 hours. This helps you to save energy and prevents you from forgetting to switch the lights off or having to bend down and climb beneath the tree to switch the lights off.

Artificial Christmas Trees

We offer a huge range of artificial trees including fibre optic trees, pre-lit trees and easy-to-assemble artificial trees. Our top pick from this year’s selection is the large 6ft Windsor Fir Artificial Christmas Tree. This tree would look impressive in any living or dining area and offers an easy-to-use 3-part hinged design.

6ft Windsor Fir Tree

This tree uses a mix of PVC and PE branches. The PE branches are incredibly lifelike and help the tree to look extremely authentic and real. The PVC branches are easy to shape and are the ideal branches to place your decorations on. This bushy, full looking tree offers a whopping 2379 branch tips which are ready to be decorated.

LED Decorative Trees

This year our range of The Winter Workshop LED Decorative trees includes Blossom trees, Birch trees, Willow trees and Kyoto trees. All of these LED decorative trees can be used indoors or outdoors, and our hot pick is the stunning 7ft Kyoto tree available in 4 colours, Cool White, Warm White, Multi Coloured, & Cool & Warm White Mix.

Kyoto Tree

This Kyoto tree is perfect for outdoor use and would look perfect in your front garden or next to your front door. This Kyoto tree offers 400 LEDs as well as 8 multi-function settings including static, twinkle, fade, chasing, glow, sequential, waves and combination.

Christmas Figures & Characters

Our top pick from our large Christmas figure range is Stanley the 80cm Stag Head from Premier Decorations. This wonderful stag head can be hung on the wall to create a wonderful 3D Christmas display. The figure is available in 3 colours: Multi Coloured, Cool White and Warm White and offers 80 LED lights.

Stanley has a handy timer function which allows the lights to come on at the same time every day. These lights will turn on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours every day.

Another top pick from our Christmas figures is our brilliant collection of Christmas Nutcrackers. Made from a weatherproof poly-resin material, these nutcrackers would look brilliant guarding your fireplace or your front door. With one on each side of your door, these giant nutcrackers would make an impressive sight, particularly Klaus the 5.5ft Christmas Nutcracker!

The Christmas top picks are expected to be incredibly popular this year, so don’t miss out, get your hands on these Christmas goodies as early as possible to avoid missing out.