White Stores Discuss Garden Furniture Demand

TThis week, a consultant for White Stores was invited onto national radio show Wake Up to Money to discuss the current demand for outdoor furniture throughout the UK and offered plenty of helpful advice to consumers. Here, we outline the advice and answer some frequently asked questions.

A representative from White Stores was invited to discuss how the demand for garden furniture in the UK has increased tenfold since the coronavirus pandemic, on BBC Five Live’s Wake Up to Money radio show. Having seen first-hand how the pandemic has increased people’s desire to spend time outdoors and invest in their outdoor space.

Records show that 63% of homeowners have invested more in their home as they are spending more time there and want to make it more comfortable. 71% of people say that their homes are more important to them than ever before. And it’s thought that a homeowner’s perception of importance has changed, with specialist areas such as a garden patio, outdoor studio or leisure area have become a necessity for escapism.

The Wake Up to Money show were keen to discuss the rise in demand as well as how a global shipping crisis is having an impact on the garden furniture industry as a whole. Our representative highlighted that people are buying garden furniture earlier than ever before and how this is a wise idea in order to guarantee you will receive garden furniture this year and have an understanding of when this will be delivered.

White Stores were happy to discuss the impact of the global shipping crisis and how importing garden furniture from the Far East has been taking longer than usual due to the pandemic restrictions. Additionally, there are less vessels on the water, meaning there is less space available to import goods. This is having an impact on lead times throughout the garden furniture industry.

Our representative was confident in White Stores’ ability to deliver and highlighted how we clearly display our estimated delivery times on all products, allowing customers to understand when their furniture is expected to arrive. Plus, with warehouses in the UK, White Stores is able to keep some of our most popular items in stock, ready for consumers to buy straight away.

White Stores also has a great function on the website that allows customers to shop by due in date. This means that if you need furniture for a birthday party on a certain date, you can filter by items that will arrive before that deadline.

White Stores’ key advice was to do your research now and to buy from retailers that clearly advertise their lead times. This will affect the whole of the garden furniture industry, not just a couple of stores, so it is important to find retailers that are transparent and honest about when customers can realistically expect their furniture.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions related to the increase in garden furniture demand:

“The delivery date says June/July/August, will I receive my items any earlier?” – These dates are as accurate as possible given the information we have about where the goods are on the water. We have built in buffers in case there are any delays, so this date should be the latest it will arrive, but this is only an estimated delivery date. If the date changes for any reason you will be informed accordingly.

“This item has gone out of stock, when will you be getting more in?” – It is unlikely, if an item has gone out of stock that it will be back in stock this year. However, if you register your interest on the product you will be emailed when we have restocked this item.

“The estimated delivery date has changed since I last looked, why has this changed?” – Our items are in high demand, and with so many people placing pre-orders, the availability of our items is always changing. To lock in the delivery date for an item, we recommend placing a pre-order as soon as possible to reserve your place in the queue and guarantee you get the items desired.

We hope that this information will help you to purchase your garden furniture with a realistic understanding of when you will receive the goods. If you would like to hear the interview with Wake Up to Money, you can listen back on the BBC Sounds App Here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000sz5l